area part II
so i went to another live at area. i think i enjoyed myself more this time!! spiv states really surprised me. they were awesome!! administrator was great as always also. i cant wait to see them again next week. i am so sleepy at school right now. and my neck hurts terribly from head banging to r-shitei. it was so worth it though! :)

Great Live
So I went to a great live yesterday! I went to see Skull and they were amazing! Ryo was so cute. I also discovered some great bands I didn't know about. I am officially a huge fan of R-Shinkei, Administrator, Reiveir and Cinema Strip

yay i am so excited! A little nervous too! 2010 is going to be so fun! But I am sad to leave my family

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Yay so I was accepted into Temple. These past months have been super stressful trying to find out how to pay for the expensive tuition. But I will figure something out :) so excited.
Oh and the new Deluhi mini album rocks!

My First Entry
Wow it took forever for me to post my first entry. I just got back from my trip to Japan last week. I stayed for 14 days and I had a really nice time. I was in Kyoto for 5 days and Tokyo for 9 days. I went to two concerts and saw alot of really cool bands up close. I was also able to discover some new bands that I really like. I saw Wizard, Screw, Vistlup, Cellt, Deluhi, MaitoreiA, And, The Kiddie, counting a sheep, Daizy Stripper and SuG. The concerts were in little live houses so they were alot more intimate and special. I had the best time there
I also visited schools and found a school that I really want to go to in Tokyo. I start to apply next week. Hopefully I get accepted! :)
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