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Yay so I was accepted into Temple. These past months have been super stressful trying to find out how to pay for the expensive tuition. But I will figure something out :) so excited.
Oh and the new Deluhi mini album rocks!

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haha no problem! yea i am at the tokyo campus. are you studying in tokyo?

Yup, I'm in Tokyo but not at Temple.
Are you living in the Temple dorm?
If so you'll probably end up running into my friend there who also is a vkei fan~

yea i live in the dorms! who is your friend?

His name is Matt~ really freakin' tall and skinny with a lot of hair lol.

haha yea i know exactly who that is

You by chance going to a show at AREA tomorrow? XDD He mentioned someone in his dorm going to that one.

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